Stay Fit

When you have healthy employees, your company reaps the benefits. A correctly designed wellness program can increase productivity, boost moral and reduce stress. Wellness programs help employees make smart and healthy choices that can reduce health care costs, increase vitality and diminish absenteeism.

Stay Fit is a unique Wellness Program focussing on employee’s good health. The activities are designed to demonstrate the importance of wellness and the employers have a tremendous opportunity to care for the employees and help them see the value of adopting healthier behaviour so that they can live healthier life.

Some of the aspects covered by the Stay Fit Program are

  • Improvement of physical strength, general well being and stamina
  • Better Focus at Workplace and increased productivity
  • Motivates the employees as they feel being cared for.
  • Improved relations with co workers
  • Less absenteeism because of improved health of the employees
  • Enhances long term interest by promoting good health even beyond work place.
  • Improves job satisfaction while fostering a positive attitude towards self and life